The Ranger Station was formed by a small group of close friends that met during college and other various adventures throughout life. We were brought together by our love of the outdoors, music, great food and of course the Pacific Northwest. Although not all from Oregon we fell in love with all its wonders and put down roots here. Once Biologists, Forest Rangers, Chefs, Raft Guides, Bartenders, Traveling Musicians, Carpenters and about anything else you can imagine, we are now the owners of the Ranger Station – and still some of those things too. We wanted an establishment that reflected who we are and what we are about and we have done that with the Ranger Station PDX. We have outdoor seating, live music several nights a week, a rotating food and beverage menu, and a commitment to providing you with the best food and drink possible at an affordable price. Come to the Ranger Station and share tales of the mountains you’ve conquered, the rivers you’ve tamed or just how glad you are to not be at work. Either way we’ll be glad to see you.

At the Ranger Station we take the time to make all our condiments in house, smoke all our meats in our smoker out back, hand grind and slice meats, pickle our own vegetables, fresh squeeze our juices and we are always searching for the best quality meats and vegetables available. We are proud to be a neighborhood bar and are always glad to see you.

Thanks for visiting.

Click on an image (Courtesy of Tim Acock Photography) below to view our space, drink & grub.